Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Joe Warmington on Tom Cochrane

Joe Warmington is one of my favourite writers. Yesterday he met up with Tom Cochrane in Toronto, and today we get a great article on Cochrane.

It's especially good because Cochrane has been promoting his CD, as well as the Canadian troops in Afghanistan, and the troops is one of Warmington's favourite subjects:

The highway has taken him a lot of amazing places in this mad world but Tom Cochrane says he's never very far from our soldiers in Afghanistan.

"A lot of people care about them deeply," the Canadian rock legend said he has noticed from travelling coast to coast.

Now more than ever, he said, is the time to show it.

"We have to be pro troops," he said yesterday. "I support the guys and gals."

In fact his backing of the Canadian troops is as solid as has been his career. Tears form in his eyes as the singer of such hits as Life is a Highway speaks of the valour our Canadian soldiers are showing in Afghanistan.

"I have seen their faces," he said. "Courage is a very quiet thing."...

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