Saturday, August 19, 2006

Milk Crate Classics

Five or six years ago I was writing for the seminal Canadian humour site After the folding of CPFOG, I continued much of the writing, including A Sophist's Saga and Singles Scene.

One other thing I wrote for them was a review of classic Canadian albums, known as Milk Crate Classics (MCC). MCC is the last of the bunch to be brought back to life in my various blogs (mostly because I only had hard copies, no files), but it is finally back. I began last week with Prism, and will continue for the foreseeable future posting the old ones, and writing some new ones.

Please enjoy, and feel free to pass along to your friends. The Milk Crate Classics. And look for a sidebar linking to each MCC as they are added:

Milk Crate Classics #1 - Prism.
Milk Crate Classics #2 - Aldo Nova.

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