Friday, July 28, 2006

Ra McGuire: Here For A Good Time - Book Review

Ra McGuire, lead singer for Trooper, has for a number of years kept up a road blog. One of the first rocker bloggers that I know of, this classic rocker computer geek (mac guy) has been leading the way in terms in internet communications with his fans.

He has published a book of his blog postings from May 2002 until June 2005: Here For A Good Time: On The Road With Trooper Canada's Legendary Band. I must admit, my first response when I read the introduction on his web site was not a good one. Then I heard a couple of radio guys who got it gratis suggesting it wasn't very good. (Although, in fairness, they didn't not outright pan it).

However, I was still curious and picked it up as my own road book, taking it with me on my holidays. The long drive from Ontario to PEI required a good book, but nothing heavy, and Here For A Good Time fit the bill.

It is fun reading about a lead singers road experiences, it is cool to read about the gigs, the traveling schedule, the other rock and rollers that Trooper hangs out with. Stories about Brian Greenway's tour ritual, "Beer Sunday," and singing with the Doobie Brothers are great. As well there is some degree of inside poop, such as Randy Bachman has few friends in the business and Myles Goodwyn in "notoriously introverted":

...Saint John, New Brunswick, where I found myself onstage in a small bar singing and playing blues and R & B songs with Myles Goodwyn from April Wine. Myles is a notoriously introverted guy, and I've spent years trying to get to know him at backstage hangouts all over the country. I have never seen Myles anywhere but backstage, so this was a serious breakthrough of some kind and a ton of fun in the bargain.

Here For A Good Time is, in fact, a great read. Whether you are travelling the Trans-Canada Highway, or if your just goofin' off some Saturday afternoon the stories are fun, informative and easy readin'.

Maybe it's tough to read if you got a freebie; but for twenty bucks, I was satisfied.

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