Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Black Eyed Peas are Canadian?

That's one more reason not to watch the Juno's: News

This year's Juno's will definitely get started on the right foot with The Black Eyed Peas announcing they are scheduled to play at next month's awards show in Halifax...
This is not their first major Canadian gig. Last year, the Grammy-winning group rocked the Grey Cup's sell-out crowd at B.C. Place in Vancouver.

The Grey Cup, then the Juno's, pretty good for an LA band. But I have spent all my adult life hearing how wonderful and vibrant the Canadian Music Industry is, thanks I might add, to the CRTC. So if there is any truth in that, why do we need The Black Eyed Peas to front our main events?

Don't we have any lame rap acts to showcase, perhaps an aging hippy geezer-rocker or two. Surely organizers could come up with one viable Canadian option to draw in that key 8-11 age bracket for the show. And if not, why are we having an awards show?

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